New feature on my work in Lenswork

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This was quite on expected, but I’m happy it’s here:



New feature on my work in Lenswork

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Well, not a new feature, it’s from several years ago, but it gets fresh ink and I love it

New Eric Skye DVD on the way

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Here’s a look at a new project I shot and am editing, should be out in a few weeks, Eric is a super player, so much talent, here’s a look at the trailer




A little look at Phoenix it’s 112 degrees

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I’ve been in Phoenix since Sat, here’s a little look, I’m trying to stay inside, it’s 112 outside, it melted a tripod in the trunk of my car.

peace- Richard

New Eric Skye video here

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Here’s a nice mention of a video I did for Eric Skye, amazing guitarist from Portland, scroll down a little bit and you’ll see it



Eric’s Site



Current Work new muisc video from Keith Greeninger

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This was taped in April and comes to life today. Keith is an amazing writer and performer, I hope you enjoy



Pretty Big News in the Photo industry

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Mamiya, Leaf and Phase are now the same company. Here’s the news:

It brings up the word convergence. Just as photography and video are quickly coming together, companies that have been rivals are now one.